Terran Melconian: Personal


What just happened in Greece? (20150717)
Why did Greece turn overnight from resistance to capitulation?


Celebrate Your Ten Year Anniversary (20130928)
Why you should celebrate the 10th
I made a web page for my titanium (20130118)
It's got PICTURES, even


Carbon Fiber Top Hat (20101008)
I have a carbon fiber top hat!
A few more pictures from my trip (20100925)
Final set of pictures from my trip to Atlantic Canada
A few pictures from my trip (20100908)
Some pictures from my trip to Atlantic Canada


I'm Having a Coffee Tasting (20090912)
Email me for details if you're interested
Does Getting a Ph.D. Pay? (20090610)
I have generally thought not, but recently stumblued quite by chance upon nearly all the data required to conduct an actual analysis and decided to do so.
Two Models for Social Networks (20090505)
the village and the option
Working Through the Picture Backlog (2007) (20090404)
Pictures from 2007... I'm only a little over a year behind!
Translating is hard (20090125)
Is it better to use a computer or a person?
Happy 23:59:60! (20090101)
I'm celebrating on UTC this year.


Election 2008 (20081106)
Thoughts on several election results and responses thereto.
A Story about our Financial Meltdown (20080923)
Here's what might have happened.
Google Maps Mobile uses their usual search syntax (20080830)
In which I find coffee using the internet!
Countrywide Loans: A Short Review (20080807)
Review: They could not possibly be more incompetent.
Won't You Be My Neighbor? (20080719)
Won't you be my neighbor? (property near me for sale)
Livejournal: A Lost Cause (20080320)
Livejournal isn't going to get better. Also, feed aggregation and openid.
Velouria Espresso (20080301)
Velouria Espresso, 389 Centre St, Jamaica Plain
Livejournal Integration Problems (20080216)
with apologies to those who commented on my previous post using LJ
The title of this post is not available at your clearance, Citizen (20080212)
It is 1984 in the Year of Our Ford. Your job, troubleshooter, is to find trouble and shoot it.
Wish Faster, Motherfucker (20080203)
Recipe for coffee cake
Political Question of the Day (20080131)
Instructions for Livejournal Users (20080127)
Instructions for how to view this content from the Livejournal user interface
my cozy new web home (20080125)
Now that I've built the infrastructure, all I have to do is figure out what to use it for!
Plan for Revised Web Presence (20080122)
I guess if I want it done right, I have to do it myself.
Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies (20080115)
After making cookies the same way for around ten years, I changed the proportions recently, decreasing the butter and adding an egg.


One Long Damage Limitation (20071129)
A discussion of life as a noisy stochastic process


Orange Cake (20030000)
A recipe for orange cake, along with some of my thoughts about baking.