Virtual Hosting Services Comparision

I'm a fan of virtualized hosting. It gives you cheap flexibility for low-bandwidth purposes. There's a comparison table from 2004 here, but the industry has moved on since 2004, and I couldn't find anything more recent, so I put together my own. I am not a customer of most of these services, and the information in the following table may not be correct anymore by the time you read it. All of them offer more expensive plans; I have listed the one that's closest to $20. When the company's office is in a different location than the data center; I have listed the latter. If you care where their office is, confirm that separately, as sometimes it is quite different.
Name Location Technology Price RAM Disk Space Monthly Transfer Other Notes
Panix New York City Xen $20 300 MB 10 GB 300 GB Free rsync backup, manual restore
vcolo/pdxcolo Portland, OR UML $20 96 MB 4 GB 30 GB No longer in business as of August 2008
Quantact Santa Rosa, CA Xen $15 96 MB 4.5 GB 96 GB
OpenVZ $20 256 MB 10 GB 256 GB GB Has a $10 plan
Redwood Virtual Fremont, CA ? $20 256 MB 8 GB 400 GB Also has a $10 package
Linode Atlanta,GA
Dallas, TX
Fremont, CA
UML $20 300 MB 10 GB 200 GB Not clear if you can specify which datacenter you want when ordering online
Rimu Hosting Dallas, TX Xen $20 96 MB 4 GB 30 GB Also offers New York, Brisbane, and London, with different pricing
Tektonic Philadelphia, PA Virtuozzo $15 256 MB 10 GB 500 GB Also offers managed services
GrokThis Philadelphia, PA Xen $20 96 MB 4 GB 35 GB
Mini VDS New York OpenVZ $21 160 MB 4 GB 100 GB Serving the small end - has cheaper plans, but $21 is the top.
VPS Link Seattle, WA Xen $15 128 MB 5 GB 150 GB Has an $8 plan. Also offers OpenVZ, but prices not clear
ZZ Servers San Francisco, CA Xen $20 256 MB 8 GB 100 GB Offers managed services
VPS Land Atlanta, GA Xen $22 288 MB 8 GB 200 GB
Virtuozzo $15 256 MB 6 GB 200 GB
VPS Farm Ashburn, VA Xen $20 256 10 GB N/A 1 mbps bandwidth, no transfer limit

I have to suspect that the 200-500 GB/month plans are overselling their bandwidth, and may be unable to deliver or try to get you to leave somehow if you actually go through the entire quota on a regular basis. I would treat the monthly transfer cap as a "marketing number" when comparing.

Update: Another site listing these services is at

Update: Vcolo has gone out of business