Linux Memory Checker Comparison

I recently evaluated several different (Free only) memory overrun and leak detection utilities for Linux. In an attempt to be useful I've made some comments available here.


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This is my favorite utility for C. Sadly, its support for C++ is lacking. It cannot be used on any program which uses libstdc++, which is probably most C++ programs. Thus, while it's everything I want for C, it's useless for C++. Work is being done to correct this, but as of this writing, it should not be expected in the immediate future.


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When I had to do some work on a C++ program, I started looking for alternatives to checkergcc, and this is the first one I found. Its main drawback is that its over/underwrite checking is inferior to that of the others - it cannot print information on where the actual out-of-bounds access occurred, only what memory was accessed and where said memory was allocated.


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YAMD has a reasonable featureset, though it is somewhat slower than the others. Its main drawback, however, is that it promotes all memory allocations to full pages - so a 50-byte allocation becomes 8k. This makes it useless for applications which allocate large numbers of small blocks.


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njamd does not provide symbolic lookup of locations in the program, requiring the user to do this manually with gdb. I did not evaluate njamd, but it looks like they'll have this problem corrected fairly soon, so it's worth keeping an eye on.

Electric Fence

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Electric Fence takes a minimalist approach to things. It detects only over and underruns and not leaks, and it provides no useful output of its own; it simply makes sure your program has a segmentation fault which you can examine with your debugger. This isn't what I was looking for, so I haven't carefully evaluated Electric Fence, but I mention it because for some projects it may be exactly what you want.


checker-gcc ccmalloc yamd
Version Tested 0.2.3 0.32
Works with Recompilation Yes Yes Yes
Works with Dynamic Load - - Yes
Environment Variable Configuration Yes - Yes
Dotfile Configuration Yes Yes -
Supports C Yes Yes Yes
Supports C++ - Yes Yes
Leak Detection Yes Yes Yes
Overrun Detection Yes Yes Yes
Call Chain of Allocation Yes Yes Yes
Call Chain of Overrun Yes - Yes
Arbitrary-size Over/Underrun Check Zones - Yes -
Fine Control of Logging Yes Yes -
Memory Cost per Allocation None User
Rounded Up
to page (4k)
Speed Cost (factor of original) 17 18 28