Serial port logic analyzer

This is some code that I wrote when dealing with data being transmitted over a not-quite-standard serial protocol. It's a set of programs for Linux which read information from the four status lines of a serial port like a logic analyzer. Signals can be displayed as a chart, or decoded as an RS232-like protocol. This isn't something that's widely applicable, but there are a small number of situations in which it's exactly what you want, and I found myself in such a situation. (I later wrote a kernel module to interface with the particular system in question, but it's so specialized that I can't see it being very useful for other applications, and thus I haven't bothered to make it available.)

The current release is 0.3, released in March 2005 with minor bugfixes and improved timing using gettimeofday() instead of internally calibrated loops. It adds no significant new features over the previous release, 0.2, released in October 2000. I still use these programs periodically, but I'm not adding new functionality, because they already do everything I need. Patches are welcome if you add new features.

Get it here: serial-la-0.3.tar.gz

For documentation, see the README file. If you aren't already familiar with the serial port and RS232, you may want to read Christian Blum's Serial Port FAQ, which is what I used as a reference when writing this stuff.